About Us


Armeni Tovmasjan was born and raised in Armenia where she studied Art and Architecture. Due to war she and her family fled to the Netherlands in 1998. She had to begin a new life and started all over again. She went to study arts and then continued to study fashion at the Artemis Fashion Academy in Rotterdam where she graduated cum laude. Not long after she opened up Design Studio Armeni in 2007 at the Schilderstraat in the centre of Rotterdam. Here she began her carreer as a fashion designer making unique and one of a kind clothing with high quality and exclusive fabrics. Her very unique style made her grow and brought her international attention and awards, like her Etno Erato Grand Prix award in Moscow, Russia. She was later assigned as judge for big fashion events.

Her design studio and boutique grew and in 2018 she opened her second store La Maison d’Armeni at the Schiedamse Vest also in the centre of Rotterdam where she continued to create the most unique and one of a kind designs.

Our boutiques are unique in their styling and in the products we sell. We have unique and colorful products of which many are handmade and from all over the world. Each product is carefully chosen by us and we will show them with much enthusiasm and attention.